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Begode T4

29 999 kr

This is the Begode (Tesla) T4, the first mid-range suspension EUC wheel. The Tesla T4 is finally giving us next-gen suspension in a small 17 inch package. Built on the Master’s slim design, the T4 gives you a proven build with all that vertical travel without having to haul out a big wheel for a fun day of riding.

We at iCafe are happy to see some new midsize wheels coming to market as we understand that not everyone wants or needs a massive vortex of power in their EUC. Sometimes all you need is a smaller one. Here is what Begode’s T4 is stays for:

Proven Suspension Design

Built off the new standard Begode frame, the T4 leverages a proven suspension design that feels great on road and off-road conditions.

T4 Also come with shock dampening cushion already installed. Please deflate the suspension before taking off the cushions

Max PSI: 400 PSI. For more than 300 PSI you will need a third-party pump as stock pump will only goes up to 300 PSI

100 LBS - 110 PSI 132 LBS - 142 PSI 154 LBS - 170 PSI
176 LBS - 190 PSI 198 LBS - 210 PSI 220 LBS - 230 PSI

Being a suspension wheel with a high torque motor, this wheel conquers off-road and bumpy conditions. It uses a similar frame as the much larger Begode Master, while being around 20% lighter. The new T4 now comes with a knobby tire and the same CNC pedals used on the Mten4.

A perfect mid-size EUC that's great for beginners and experienced riders alike. With suspension, high speeds and long range the T4 has something to offer to everyone.

  • Power: 2500W Torque hollow bore motor. That famous Begode torque combined with a slightly larger power output gives you that extra punch over the T4's Kingsong (2200W) and Inmotion (2200W) competitors.

  • Speed: Free spin speed is listed as 78km/h so we expect the Tesla T4 to get to a top speed of around 60km/h depending on rider weight and riding conditions. Another impressive increase over its peers.

  • Range: 1800Wh battery on Samsung 50E 21700 cells. Cruise smooth up to 100km on a charge. We all know battery range can be a fickle thing but this size battery will certainly give you all you need for some longer extended rides. Begode tells us up to 150km so 100km looks to be a reasonable real-world expectation.

  • Suspension: The latest in Begode’s lineup of suspension wheels takes the Master suspension and tweaks it a bit based on feedback from the first generation of Master.

  • Display: Big, bright and bold, we get a large top-mounted display for easy monitoring of speed, battery and temperature. If you don’t have a top mounted display by now you better get out of the game.

  • Size: There is a massive underserved market for riders who are not looking for a huge wheel in their life. The newest technology and suspension design finally looking out for us! While the T4 is not tiny at 30kg, its slim build will appeal to those with limited storage space, need to carry their wheels up stairs, or simply don’t want an ultra-power wheel.

  • Style: Previously infamous for their case shell design, Begode is now has found modern looks which continues with the T4. Sleek, minimalist, aggressive, lots of colour and innovation.

  • Seat: Integrated seats are finally looking to be standard! Sit down, relax. But maybe not while going too fast.

Here at iCafe we deal with many electric unicycles, and guess which maker’s wheels come for repair the least? Begode it is! Strange how a social media reputation and a reality can be so far apart. We’ve seen some Gotway wheels have been incredibly well used and abused and just keep on ticking. We expect the T4 to be no different.

The Latest batch of T4's upgrades: 

- Updated more powerful Motherboard (18 mosfets, previously 12) 

- Knobby dual sport tire from CST, similar to the Shinko 244 and Kenda K262

- QS Motor (This is a well known motor company. Small number of riders hade some stator issues with ZX motors)

- Stylish Mten4 honeycomb pedals.