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Remember Hoverboards? Lithium fires are hard to forget. The truth is that todays EUC are not much safer. Same materials, same construction. Even more energy intense cells. Here is fireworks from modified Monster, add-on battery pack from Ali. Shorted, damaged cells shoots out as fireworks through the plastic case, causing full scale fire disaster.

Our solution is simple, but it works! We use flame-retardant, low-density polyurethane foam that provides thermal insulation to iWheel battery cells. The excellent insulating properties are result of a fine, closed-cell foam structure and cell gases that resist heat transfer. This stabilise temperature in the battery pack. 

If a cell shorts, the foam will absorb the energy from the initial explosion to prevent physical damage to remaining cells. The strong charred layer creates a barrier when it comes in contact with heat or flames. This layer stops oxygen from getting to the fresh material. Smoke, thermal outbreak, but no fireworks! 

The thermal barrier also keep the heat away from cells to prevent them from igniting in a cascading effect of thermal propagation. The burning foam does not outgas flammable oxygen, only carbon dioxide, same gas used to extinguish electrical fires.


All iWheels from iWheel Of Sweden will be delivered in FireProof Bag for safe Charging and Storage. Bag is made of Shiny black silicone coated FiberGlass. It  is non-itchy, not-sticky outside and silver mirror heat reflective inside. There is a place for a stand, a charger and fair extingusher ball inside, all included in delivery. Zip lock hold charging cord in place and keep charger quiet inside the bag.