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Why choose iCafe?

  • We love EUC, as you do. Racing is in our DNA. You can talk to us about your EUC, service and accessories.
  • We build your EUC according to your wishes. Brushed aluminium? Real Carbon? Replaceable batteries? Street, Off-road,  tires? Yes, we can.
  • We help you get started. When buying wheels, driving lesson included, as well as a short briefing in safety and gear.
  • We teach you to ride like a Pro. You are welcome to our courses in advanced driving, racing, jumping, fall technique, etc.
  • We are here for you, long after the sale. Showroom, Rental, EUC School and Service at iCafe are open every weekday 9-17.
  • Physical Location: iCafe located in the Stockholm city, Sweden, same location since 1991.
  • EUC is Our Passion. We have been creating, innovating, working together with electric unicycle manufacturers since 2012.
  • Professional Support. Experienced and dedicated team of EUC professionals help you with your ride.
  • Support the Riders. We offer our riders the greatest level of before and after sales support and service.
  • Support the community. We are riders. We understand your needs. We offer free EUC lessons on Sundays and EUC School on Youtube.
  • iCafe is what Kung Fu Tea is. We are a meeting place for the local EUC community, organising Group Rides & events.
  • Support the makers. We are in daily direct contact with the factories, manufacturers and makers.
  • Support the future of EUC. We exchange information, capture feedback, improve products, and build the brands.
  • You can trade-in your old EUC. Change the wheel you have to the one you want. Bring the old one when you buy the new one.
  • You support local business. By supporting us, you supporting the local economy. Your money stays and works here.
  • You get a warranty and after-sales service. We have most wheels in stock and huge stock of spare parts.
  • You get a best riding gear. Protective clothing from another swedish company, Lazyrolling, for your convenience.
  • You get Free EUC School. We offer free EUC lessons every Sunday morning. Free coffee, free iCafe stickers to everyone.
  • You get Free rides, free coffee. Free loan EUC under time of repair yours. Free lifetime coffee for our riders.
  • You Support the transition to Fossil-Free Rides. Life is so much better without exhaust fumes. Thank you for choosing electric!