Sidewalk: 6km/h. Bikeline: 25km/h. Higher speed on empty roads only!
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Our mission

iWheel Sweden is intelligent transportation company born out of our passion for computers and motorcycles. Our mission is to accelerate transition to fuel free transportation, by bringing high performance Electric UniCycles to the market. The EUC phenomena started in early 2010's with small, dedicated manufacturers in China, is now attracting millions of electro riders worldwide. Founder of iWheel Sweden have been involved in this revolutionary technology from the beginning. Company is now working with leading innovators in business bringing new exiting wheels to early adopters in Sweden and EU. 

Electric Unicycle advantages in motorsport are obvious. Dramatic reduction in volume and weight, compared to any two- or four- wheelers, enables snappy and lively rides. Silent motors boosts the riding experience and serves for absolute presence and focus. You can charge your wheel with renewable energy at home. Since there are no fluids, grease, gasoline or oil, racing a compact powerful wheels becoming a clean, sustainable alternative in a post-corona world. We truly believe that EUC racing will accelerate development of intelligent transportation on Earth and beyond. 

  Sergei Gerasimenko, CEO and founder, iWheel of Sweden