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Made by Order. Latest Firmware, Fresh Balanced Tire, New Safe Batteries.
Two weeks production time. Five weeks delivery by train or five days by air.
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Our mission

The Apple car is dead.

Last year, Apple's plans for a physical car were shelved. As designer, engineer and EUC rider, once again I feel the huge hole in the market to fill. The same hole Steve Jobs was talking about at iPhone launch back in 2007.

iCafe RDesign as a company was born out of my passion for great design, Apple computers and fast motorcycles. Our Company mission is to accelerate transition to fuel free teleportation, by bringing first high performance electric unicycles to You, the early adopters worldwide.

I have been involved in this revolutionary, self balancing technology from the very beginning. We are now working with leading innovators in business, very talented people at Gotway, Leaperkim and Kingsong in Shenzhen, on what we call simply the iWheel of Sweden.

I think Steve would have loved the idea. Less (Wheel) is More (Fun). More than any (Apple) car would ever be.

Thank You all for Your support!



Sergei Gerasimenko, CEO and founder, iCafe RDesign