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Why We Ride

Everyone who rides the Electric Unicycle is happy. Not only because it is convenient. Not only to save on gas. Not only to skip traffic jams and parking slots.
All this happens, of course, but the main thing is not rational, but the amazing feeling of free flight you enjoy.
Riding a unicycle is like a mountain skiing, only the track starts right outside of your door.
You can ride almost all year round and you don't need to take a holiday to enjoy it.
The EUC fits well into the rhythm of your city life. Faster than a bicycle, smoother than a car, safer than a helicopter. iWheel has the highest machine spirit. People who stand on Electric Unicycles rise above others.
They created by analogy with the natural movements of birds or fish. No steering wheel. No remote control. Only the power of the mind and a sense of balance.
This is how it was mean to be. We have finally coming close to Gods in that sense. Yes, we can move finally move like Gods do!