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Waterproof, Firesafe, Flatproof.

1. iWheel Edition can optionally be made Waterproof. 

Most EUCs on the market today are pretty wide open to any dust and water. Also leading manufacturers as Gotway, Kingsong, Leaperkim and Inmotion protecting wheel electronics by class IP55 at most. When you order your iWheel from RD Sweden, you have an option to upgrade your wheel protection to a higher class IP66, that makes your wheel completely dustproof and waterproof. 

How it works?

1. Your EUC will be disassembled. 2. The boards and wire connections will be covered with a special compound that prevents moisture from entering the electronics. 3. We sealing the battery compartment and power cables. 4. We covering all joints of the body and the panel edges with a sealing compound.

You end up with:
- Coating electronics with water-repellent composition
- Sealing of body joints
- Applying a water-repellent grease to the power contacts
- Sealing of support sites
- Additional protection against corrosion

The service life of electric vehicles is significantly increased. EUC users with waterproofing are no longer dependent on weather conditions and less often turn to service, with no risk for corrosion under the long-term storage.

2. Wheel Edition is FireSafe. 

Remember Hoverboards? Lithium fires are hard to forget. The truth is that todays EUC are not much safer. Same materials, same construction. Even more energy intense cells.
Most battery fires occur in two main situations, on physical impact or while charging. Either when cells gets damaged by impact, or being overcharged by faulty Charger or BMS. In a seconds your room fills with thick white smoke. Overheated or damaged cells shoots out as fireworks through the plastic case, causing full scale fire disaster.

Our solution is simple, but works. It is thick metal box enclosure around each battery pack. This will not stop a smoke, but keep cell missiles in place. The metal takes big portion of both kinetic and thermal energy out from the battery fire. So it will be no risk for fireworks at home anymore.

3. iWheel edition is Flatproof. 

We use the latest available technology to make your ride as safe and pleasurable as it should be. All iWheels is delivered with 15 mm of the solid-tire material under the tread of the tire, and 2mm on the sides. It’s like having most of the advantages of an airless tire, plus the ability to adjust pressure to your terrain.

Even in the worst case scenario, with a random thorn doing a stealth insertion from the side that goes through tire, 2 mm liner, and inner tube, giving you a flat… you still have 15 mm of solid tire to ride back on, protecting your rim from rock damage. So iWheel brings you safely home on the rocky roads.