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Puncture Proof

All our 18", 19", 20", 22", 24" iWheels can be equipped with a 13-15 mm armour insert under the tread on the tire, and 2 mm on the sides. You can retain all the benefits of high-pressure tire, as well as the ability to adjust pressure to different terrain.

1. PUNCTURE PROTECTION. This armour is the ultimate in performance and protection for all levels of riding. Whether you are riding in parks, wood trails or the rocky mountains, the insert will prevent you from getting a flat tyre and damaging your rim. The wings of the armour insert that wrap your inner tube protect from sidewall tears and pinch flats. Ride over thorns, nails, glass and any other sharp objects without getting a flat.

2. INCREASED COMFORT. Armour absorbs the vibrations on your ride, meaning a smoother, more comfortable ride. The extra sidewall support means you can run lower pressures but still keep that tyre shape... resulting in more grip and ultimately more confidence to hit those corners harder. You will also notice a smoother ride with the armour. It absorbs a lot of the small bumps on the trail, meaning less fatigue in your legs.



3. STILL RIDE HOME. The thickest part of the Armour at the top means you can practice those jumps, rock gardens and root sections without worrying about damaging your rim. This extra cushioning means your can ride home on a flat tyre (if you do some serious tyre damage), without air, on insert only. If your tyre does go flat for some reason, you can still cycle home with a flat tyre without damaging your rim. Even in the worst case scenario, total tire failure when the air can not be filled, you still have 15 mm massive tires to ride back on, the insert protects your rim from damage. So iWheel will surely take you home.