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Anti-theft protection

All our iWheels coming with ABUS wire lock included. Lock easily fits in your pocket, and has a velcro on backside to stay on iWheel case
You can fast secure your wheel outside to any bench or three, while you shopping or visit any place, that ban electric unicycles.

Beside that, we offer you built-in, hidden GPS tracker, that helps you find your iWheel, anytime, anywhere. The SweTrack is a build-in GPS tracking device for your iWheel. It comes with a number of useful features such as geofencing, position logging and movement alerts.


  • Live Tracking
  • Motion Sensor
  • Alarm Features
  • Integrated SIM Card
  • Voice Monitoring
  •  Geofencing
  •  Location History
  •  Works in the entire EU
  •  SMS Commands
  •  Magnet
One of the most efficient ways to protect your iWheel against theft is to equip it with a GPS tracking device. In addition to giving you full control of your iWheel at all times, this device comes with a number of added benefits. 

The SweTrack device comes with an integrated SIM card which is topped up with usage through the website. The monthly fee is €4.90. The fee includes unlimited usage in all EU countries (also including Norway, Switzerland and the UK). The device has access to all cell phone carriers in these countries, allowing for maximum connectivity. The product seamlessly switches between carriers, to ensure that it always has the best signal strength. The data plan is completely commitment-free; this means that you can pause and re-enable your subscription at your leisure. For instance, if you only intend to use the device during the summertime, you don't have to pay any fees during the winter.