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Gotway MCM5 iWheel Edition

5 999 kr

If you’re seeking a high-performance practical machine, that is nimble, with massive amounts of torque for hill climbing, high reliability, along with a cruising speed that you won’t find on another 14″, then the MCM5 stands quite apart.

The MCM5 is probably the fastest 14″ unicycle. Compared to other 14-inch unicycles, the MCM5 feels as if you are riding a 16 inch wheel. It’s slightly heavier than other models in the category, but you get to enjoy longer rides because of that big battery. It’s a powerful model due to the 1500W motor and very agile because of the 14″ tire.

You can do some off-road rides on it as it performs perfectly fine, but we believe that there are more comfortable wheels for off-roading and wouldn’t necessarily recommend the MCM5 for that. Regardless, this model is ideal for casual riders that want a little bit more speed and range in small package.

This is special, fireproof, flatproof and, optionally, IP66 waterproof version of popular Gotway MCM5. Proofed by RDesign Studio in Stockholm. Pictures and specifications are about to change for the better without notice.