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Our Mission

2007. iCafe R.Design was born out of our passion for design, innovation and  motorsports.

2010. We have been investing in self balancing technology from the very beginning. 

2014. We strongly believe that Electric Unicycles is the future of personal mobility. 

2019. We are Official Distributor of Begode, Kingsong, Veteran, Inmotion in Sweden.

2020. Company's mission is to accelerate transition to fuel free future.

2020. We bring reliable, high-performance electric unicycles to the market.

2020. Organising Ride courses, Group Rides in Stockholm Archipelago.

2020. Our One Wheel Brotherhood in Archipelago. Stockholm Cruisers.

2020. Sweden is fantastic country to be discovered and explored on one wheel! 

2020. Sergei Gerasimenko, CEO, engineer-designer, EUC Rider and Charlie, the portugisian waterdog.