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Veteran Sherman S

49 999 kr

The Veteran Sherman S EUC is the newest model in the Veteran range of electric unicycles from Leaperkim company. Built like a tank and with a new generation suspension design, it can go anywhere!

The Veteran Sherman S comes to improve the Sherman Max with more speed (+5%), more torque (+8%) but also more comfort thanks to its suspension. It is an excellent cruiser, ideal for road trips thanks to its stability, its enormous autonomy and its comfort.

The Veteran Sherman S (suspension) electric unicycle is 20 inches in size with a 3000W motor, 3600Wh battery. With an upgraded look, more robust body, integrated seat, fender and trolley handle on top.

This thunderous output translates to stupendous gradeability, allowing the Sherman-S to climb 30° slopes seamlessly. The EUC boasts a payload capacity of 120 kg (265 lbs), making it an excellent choice for heavier riders. Achieving such insane performance numbers seems a long shot for other manufacturers, but Veteran makes it look so easy.

Speed & Range

Veteran Sherman S is lightning quick in a straight line and can instantly reach a peak speed of 88 km/h. From daily urban commutes to traveling between cities to taking on wild off-road, everything is now possible with the Sherman-S’s 100.8V Samsung 50E 2700 battery, which has a colossal capacity of 3,600 Wh. The battery pack travels up to 250 km before running out of juice and supports 15A fast charging, enabling you to charge it fully in merely 3 hours.

Veteran Sherman S Specifications

Motor Power: 3000 W

Battery Capacity: 3600 Wh 100.8V

Climbing Angle: ~ 30 degrees

Weight: 44 kg

Max Load Weight: 120kg

Suspension: Reverse fork design (shock compression and rebound adjustable) 

Suspension travel: 90mm travel

Charging Time: 3-8 hrs (capable up to 15A charging capacity)

Charger Output: DC 100V* 5Amp

Tyre: Kenda K262 20 inch knobby tire

Display: LCD Panel displays speed, battery voltage, mileage, mode switching, calibration, battery status, etc.

Veteran Sherman S Features

Large LCD display with new data telemetry

Turning, braking warning light

Headlight with 2000lm 18W double lamp beads

Choice of knobby [K262] or street [340A] tyre

Double layer control board – separated communication & driver board. 24x TO-247 MOSFETS up to 680A peak current loads

Adjustable high-strength magnesium alloy adjustable length spiked pedals.

Dual Charging port (supporting up to max 15A charging current)

Dual-purpose flip up trolley-handle and seat extension

Rear mudguard fitted

Magnesium side-panels

Light weight high strength nylon protective carrying handle