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Begode Mten4

14 999 kr

This IS the droid you’ve been looking for. BB-8’s long lost cousin has finally been found and surprise! It’s the Begode MTen4. Definitely the cutest EUC ever made, it is the droid-like lil’ buddy that everyone has been waiting for to be a part of their life. You think you get stopped and questioned while riding your current wheel? Wait til you take this baby out! Coming immediately after the announcement of the Tesla T4, small electric unicycle riders the world over are rejoicing with these two excellent new options now available.

The MTen3 has always had its fans, but it was not an EUC for everyone with it’s squirrely stability at any kind of speed on anything but the smoothest of terrain. The MTen4 looks to greatly improve on this with a large wide tire to put more rubber on the road allowing you to rip around worry free. And just look at that adorable headlight!

Here is what Begode’s latest little snuggle bunny pocket rocket has for us:

  • Power: 1000W motor. If you know Begode you know you never sleep on the power they offer - even when in such a small package. This is the same amount of power as in the venerable V8F - plus you get your famous Begode torque too.

  • Speed: Free spin speed is listed as an impressive 57km/h so we expect the MTen4 to get to a top speed of around 40km/h depending on rider weight and your riding conditions. Not too shabby for the little guy.

  • Range: 750Wh battery. This is a big battery for such a small package boasting a capacity increase of 46% over its predecessor. Look for a good 50+km of riding per charge.

  • Design: This petite beast is no delicate flower. Rugged and solid is the only way to describe the build of the MTen4. Be sure to check out the test video of it being flung around like some sort of droid torture. Plus - a grab handle! It will also have an available trolley handle add-on that may be purchased separately.

  • Size: It’s small and most would even say smol. At just 26lbs it is impressive that Begode was able to bump up the specs while only increasing the overall weight by 4lbs over the MTen3.

  • Style: It's blue! Completely redesigned, the MTen4 fits in seamlessly with Begode’s new aesthetic. Aggressive but cute, consider this to be the final nail in the coffin of the old-school Begode designs.

  • Seat: What are you even thinking. Of course not.

Perfect as a last mile commuter, perfect as a second (or third) wheel to compliment your bigger rides, the MTen4 has a lot of buzz and that’s a great thing. Large high speed, long range wheels will be integral in shaping the future of transportation. But the small entries will always have a seat at the EUC table for those times when all you need is a simple and easy way to get from A to B and have a boatload of fun while doing so.

The Begode MTen4 is one of those wheels that fits into anyone’s collection and looks poised to be a wheel that shapes the fun future of personal mobility.

It’s time for you to meep beep and bebop your way to the electric future on the Begode MTen4!