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010. Sherman by iWheel SWE. 20''

16 999 kr

Created by former Gotway Engineers who wanted to make a Wheel without compromises, this is the ultimate high-performance 20″ iWheel for the Veteran Riders in mind. Wheel size of 20 inches, a massive battery pack of 3200Wh and motor power of 2500w, no-load speed of 100km/h tell you that this is something else. This Electric unicycle built like a tank.

Sherman is a first iWheel with an integrated Dashboard displaying speed, mileage, battery state of charge. Comes with a heavy 5amp charger, meaning despite the huge battery size, you can get a full charge in less than 8 hours. Double charger makes it 4 hours. Fitted with a Kenda K262 20″ semi-knobby, dual-sport tire this wheel can take you anywhere.

Warning! If you are looking for Your first compact easy to carry wheel, then look somewhere else. If you are looking for a Zombie Apocalypse ready wheel for all day long adventures, than this is the wheel for you! Battery 100v, safe, reliable NCR 18650 GA cells. Range is about 100km. This iWheel is Made for Vikings! 

This iWheel is assembled, waterproofed, fireproofed, flatproofed and EU-certified by iCafe RDesign in Stockholm. We pay special attention on waterproofing of motor, bearings, electronics and firesafety of lithium batteries.

You can customise your iWheel further while placing your order. 

There is a choice to order your new iWheel without battery or with incomplete battery pack. You may have some healthy batteries left from previous iWheel to reuse. To be connected safely in parallel, batteries has to have exact the same current. Please, check voltage on each battery with mini voltmeter included.

If you are planning for everyday commuting in all weather conditions, consider to invest in higher, IP67 protection. This will keep you safe on humid winter roads, retaining top performance and longevity of your iWheel.

What is the difference between Leaperkim and iWheel Of Sweden edition?