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004. Nikola iWheel Of Sweden 17''

19 999 kr

State Of The Art Performance, Huge Battery, Fat Tire. In typical Gotway, now Begode fashion, they’ve thrown as much power and performance into their latest electric unicycle offerings as possible, but what makes Nikola special is that they’ve scaled down the kind of specs previously reserved for larger wheels down into their new 17’’ form factor. Nikola is now the fastest 17 inch Electric Unicycle, period. While the Nikola is larger and bulkier than other EUCs in this category, it makes up for it with raw speed and battery capacity that you can’t find anywhere else.

This wheel feels both nimble and stable. iWheel Nikola comes with a high performance extra wide tire that offers surprisingly nimble manoeuvring while also providing an ultra-smooth and stable ride even at high speeds. 

You have a choice between Begode and iWheel Of Sweden brand. iWheel Of Sweden version is assembled and EU-certified by RDesign Studio in Stockholm.
You can customise your iWheel with us at anytime.


What is the difference between Begode and iWheel Of Sweden versions?_________________________

Begode version coming in cardboard box, sealed at factory, and includes:

  • standard dualsport tire
  • one 3A original charger
  • standard pads only.
  • one year warranty

Begode version features:

  • IP55 protection
  • no fire proof
  • no anti-thief
  • no flat safe
  • no GPS


iWheel Of Sweden version coming in exclusive box of white cardboard with aluminium container inside, that can be used for safe charging.

iWheel Of Sweden version includes:

  • two years warranty
  • tire of your choice
  • tire protection armour
  • 5A original charger
  • safe charging container
  • fire extinguisher ball
  • original power pads
  • original mudguard
  • original seat
  • puncture fix
  • mini pump
  • finger bell
  • wire lock
  • hidden GPS

iWheel Of Sweden version features:

  • IP66 waterproof
  • safe charging
  • fireproof
  • flatproof
  • anti-thief
  • GPS-tracking
  • 2 years warranty