Sidewalk: 6km/h. Bikeline: 25km/h. Higher speed on empty roads only!
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09. Gotway MSuper Pro

20 999 kr

MSuper Pro is the fourth generation of Gotway 18″ Electric Unicycle over the last six years. It is now safe to say that all Gotway MSuper are well build machines with amazing ride comfort, reliability and great curve control in racing. The new 2500W motor provides significantly higher torque for hill-climbing, resulting insane acceleration and braking! For highest speed choice 2000W version with asphalt tire.

Be aware that max speed value is not the recommended riding speed. There have been cases of riders experiencing cut-out below the max speed threshold. The capabilities of the wheel will vary on a number of factors, such as the weight of the rider, aggressive acceleration, ambient temperature & terrain incline.