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18'' S18 by iWheel Of Sweden

19 999 kr

S18 is the coolest looking EUC from Kingsong, a first wheel with advanced Suspension. With a 2200w this machine will provide plenty of torque. Weighing in at 22kg this is actually a pretty lightweight machine for what it perform.

It can climb up to 40˚ and has a tire size of 18x3.0 which seems to become a standard for EUCs of this size. Top speed is about 50 km/h and the estimated range of this battery pack is 60km.

The stock S18 is equipped with IP55 weather-protection. While the inner-structure is open from above, the sensitive elements, such as the battery, controller area & are enclosed in sealed spaces. It comes with hand pump for suspension and new more powerful charger. Dual sport tire is good compromise of street performance and off-road climbing.

S18 is advanced wheel, that will give you amazing ride comfort and safety. It may also need more service and repair than a wheels without suspension. Our service  at iCafe in Stockholm will be happy to help you in any case.

This is special, fireproofflatproof and, optionally, IP66 waterproof version of popular S18. Redesigned, assembled and certified by RDesign Studio in Stockholm. Pictures and specifications are about to change to the better without notice.