Sidewalk: 6km/h. Bikeline: 25km/h. Higher speed on empty roads only!
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04. Kingsong S18

21 999 kr


S18 is the coolest looking EUC from Kingsong, a first wheel with advanced Suspension. With a 2200w this machine will provide plenty of torque. Weighing in at 22kg this is actually a pretty lightweight machine for what it perform.
It can climb up to 40˚ and has a tire size of 18x3.0 which seems to become a standard for EUCs of this size. Top speed is about 50kmh and the estimated range of this battery pack is 60km.
The S18 equipped with IP55 weather-protection. While the inner-structure is open from above, the sensitive elements, such as the battery, controller area & are enclosed in sealed spaces. It comes with hand pump for suspension and new more powerful charger. Dual sport tire is good compromise of street performance and off-road climbing. 
Kingsong S18 is advanced wheel, that will give you amazing ride comfort and safety. It may also need more service and repair than a wheels without suspension. Our service center at iCafe Stockholm will be happy to help you.