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001. Mten3 iWheel Of Sweden 10''

9 999 kr

MTen3 is a sexy little thing, beloved by many electric unicycle enthusiasts due to its incredible ability to provide capable and strong performance in such a tiny package. Small Body, Great Fun!

This little EUC is able to achieve its surprisingly powerful punch due to its 800W motor paired with a small 10 inch wheel that allows for strong torque right off the bat. Even the top speed is no less than 50 km/h!

You have a choice between Begode and iWheel Of Sweden brand. iWheel Of Sweden version is assembled and EU-certified by RDesign Studio in Stockholm.
You can customise your iWheel with us at anytime.

What is the difference between Begode and iWheel Of Sweden versions?_________________________

Begode version coming in cardboard box, sealed by factory, and includes:

  • standard dualsport tire
  • one 3A original charger
  • standard pads only.
  • one year warranty

Begode version features:

  • IP55 protection
  • no trolley handle
  • no mudguard
  • no fire proof
  • no sidepads
  • no anti-thief
  • no flat safe
  • no GPS


iWheel Of Sweden version coming in exclusive box of white cardboard with aluminium container inside, that can be used for safe charging.

iWheel Of Sweden version includes:

  • two years warranty
  • tire of your choice
  • tire protection
  • 3A/84V original chargers
  • safe charging container
  • fire extinguisher ball
  • original trolley handle
  • original sidepads
  • iWheel mudguard
  • puncture fix
  • mini pump
  • finger bell
  • wire lock
  • hidden GPS

iWheel Of Sweden version features:

  • IP66 waterproof
  • safe charging
  • fireproof
  • flatproof
  • anti-thief
  • GPS-tracking
  • 2 years warranty