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Begode Master X

49 999 kr

In classic Begode fashion, the Master Pro aims to dethrone the newly released V13 as the highest performance wheel available. Sporting a staggering  134.4V battery, 3600Wh powering a 4500W motor that free-spins to 122km/h thanks to its larger 22" wheel, the Master X allows you to go farther (and likely faster, if the V13 is capped to 90km/h) than any other wheel out there. Much like the Master it takes its name from, it comes with an improved suspension system and a top mounted display

Ever breaking limits, Begode has made the most powerful EUC in the world! The Master pro packs an incredible 134 volts and 3600 watt hours of capacity.

Refined Suspension

The Master Pro/ X is Begode's answer to the Inmotion V13 with similar specs and performance. With a beefy 22" tire and 80mm of suspension travel the Begode Master can glide over the roughest of terrain.