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iWheel Zero Fire Vision

We hope a fire will never happens but its best to be careful and take a precautions.
With high energy density there is always the possibility of fire.
Our ambition is to keep the battery fire accidents to zero.
Please, read our recommendations to prevent a disaster.

1. Store you iWheel safely. If indoors, in metal container or under automatic fire extinguishers. Near kitchen or bathroom. Big amount of water may help.
2. Never charge Li-ion batteries inside the building unsupervised. If you have to do it, charge it safely in a metal container, away from anything flammable.
3. Keep an eye on charging. Battery Management System may fail to communicate with charger, with potential overcharging and fire as a result.
4. Always use original chargers, that are tested and recommended by manufacturers. Slow charging on 3-5A is safe and keeps battery life longer.
5. Only use double port charging if you are in a hurry, not on regular basis. Remember, your batteries loves to be charged nice and slow.
6. Third-part fast chargers,  power chargers, may harm your batteries, and will void your factory warranty. BMS keeps all charging data logged.
7. Never modify the original batteries. Add-ons is a bad idea. If you are not happy with your iWheel range, get a bigger iWheel. You will be happy alive.
8. Forget third part batteries. Beside possible soldering quality problems, different cells may vary on voltage and not delivering power as expected.
9. Problem with charging may be a first sign of faulty cells. Do not try to repair it. Safely recycle the old battery and get a fresh one.

All iWheels from iWheel Of Sweden will be delivered in FireProof Bag for safe Charging and Storage. Bag is made of Shiny black silicone coated FiberGlass. It  is non-itchy, not-sticky outside and silver mirror heat reflective inside. There is a place for a stand, a charger and fair extingusher ball inside, all included in delivery. Zip lock hold charging cord in place and keep charger quiet inside the bag.