Made by Order. Latest Updates Included. Fresh Tire. Safe Batteries.
Design and Quality of Sweden. Assembled in Stockholm. Ships Worldwide.
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Ten reasons to choice us


1. We are the Real People, who care about you
When you are choosing Your EUC from us, we believe it is not about closing a deal, it is starting a life long relation.

2. We are the everyday Riders, who understand.
Racing is in our DNA. You can talk to us who listen and understand your questions about all that beeps and pedal dips.

3. We are Here for You, at the Real Places.
Showroom, Rental, EUC School, Service Centre at iCafe Stockholm open for business all working days 9-17. Since 1991.

4. Your wheel will be made by order.
Design your wheel your Way. Get the latest hardware, new soft tyres, fresh battery cells. Firesafe, Flatproof or Waterproof.

5. You can get 2 years warranty and after-sales service.
You have an option of 2 years warranty at order. Our Service facility in the City of Stockholm gives you peace of mind.

6. You can Trade In your old EUC.
Turn the wheel you have into the one you want. Bring your old one when you buy a new one to get a value based discount.

7. You Support your local business.
By supporting local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local economy. Your money stays and works here.

8. You Support your EUC community.
We are the meeting point for local riding community, organise Group rides, cruises, classes and other EUC events.

9. You Support the Makers and EUCs future development.
We are in daily, direct contact with EUC factories, exchange information, improving your next wheels.

10. You Support the Electric Revolution.
We are the first EUC focused business in Sweden doing all it takes to get people out of their cars.