Ten Reasons Why to Choice Us


1. We love EUC, just as you do.
Racing is in our DNA. You can talk to us about everything related to your EUC, service and accessories.
2. We build your EUC according to your wishes.
Brushed aluminium? Real Carbon? 3D printed pads? Replaceable batteries? Street, Off-road, dual sports, winter tires?
3. We help you get started.
When buying wheels, an hour- long driving lesson is included, as well as a short briefing in safety and etiquette.
4. We teach you to ride like a Pro.
You are welcome to participate in our courses in advanced driving, racing, jumping, fall technique, etc.
5. We are here for you, long after the purchase.
Showroom, Rental, EUC School and Service Center at iCafe are open every weekday 9-17. Since 1991.

6. You can get 2 years warranty and regular service.
You have an option of a 2-year warranty when ordering. Our service workshop in Stockholm gives you peace of mind.
7. You can replace your old EUC.
Change the wheels you have to the one you want. Bring your old one when you buy your new one to get a good exchange deal.
8. You support local business.
By supporting us, you in turn are supporting the local economy. Your money stays and works here in Europe.
9. You Support your local EUC community.
We are a meeting place for the local EUC gang, organising Group Rides, courses, competitions and other EUC events.
10. You Support the manufacturers and future development.
We are in direct contact with the factories. We exchange information, develop and improve your next wheels.
11. You Support the transition to Fossil-Free Europe.
Life is so much easier, cleaner, healthier without exhaust fumes. Thank you for choosing electric!