Sidewalk: 6km/h. Bikeline: 25km/h. Higher speed on empty roads only!
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Our Story

 Sergei Gerasimenko, CEO and founder of iWheel Sweden have been involved in electric unicycle revolutionary technology from the beginning. Born in Odessa, USSR, he's graduated as Master of Science in engineering at Budapest Technical University, where Sergei met his wife Monica. Couple moved from Hungary to Sweden in early 90's where Sergei started own design studio.

As a kid Sergei was always obsessed by computers and motorcycles. Now he is simultaneously working on many crazy prototypes of extreme machines, such as manned quadcopter, drone assisted unicycles, turbines assisted snowboards, electric racing motorcycles, airbag jackets, airbag backpacks and more and more.

iWheel Hi-Speed Mobility is a trademark of ReturDesign Studio, a private company registered in Sweden already in 1992.Thank You for all your support!