Two Years Warranty

Engine warranty: two years
Motor has a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. Engine is not covered by the warranty for the following:
1. If wheels are supplied with class IP55 protection, not an IP66, moisture damage causes rust and causes the engine to produce abnormal noises in bearings. Bearings replacement will not be covered by warranty.
2. The tire pressure has not been tested regularly and insufficient tire pressure leads to deformation of the engine hub. It may also cause tire jump off the rim. 
Extreme jumps, driving on stairs causes deformation of the motor hub, a fracture of the motor shaft or "snake-bite" punctures. Non of this failure will be covered by a warranty.

Motherboard warranty: two years
The motherboard warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase. The motherboard is not covered by the warranty for the following:
1. If the iWheel is not waterproof according to class IP66, riding or hiking on rainy days causes a short circuit on the motherboard.
2. Self-repairs on the motherboard lead to a short circuit on the motherboard, or due to incorrect use.
3. Overleaning, extreme driving close to the pain threshold causes the motherboard to burn out.
4. Hard driving on steep slopes, prolonged overexertion led to overheating the motherboard.

Battery warranty: one year
The battery is covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Does not apply to the following:
Battery received in water, unless IP66 protected, swollen and deformed.
Use of non-original chargers, or use of fast chargers.
Use of non-original batteries or add-ons.
4. Exhausted batteries. Batteries were stored for too long without power, without maintenance charging once a month.
5. No original labels on batteries, incomplete labels will void the warranty.

Electronic components warranty: 6 months
Charging Port: No power
Headlights: Do not turn on
LED: not on or flickering
Close button does not respond
Charging Port: Does not charge
Fan: abnormal sound or not working
Speakers: abnormal sounds or not working

Other items not mentioned above are not covered by the warranty.
This applies to all punctures and other physically caused injuries.
Exception if the product is defective upon delivery.

During the warranty period, the factory, after approved inspection,
will provide the repaired parts, shipping is not included.
Please note that we are only responsible for warranty repairs.
Shipping, and return shipping will be charged for all repairs, including warranty repairs.
We will primarily try to help the customer solve any problems on site.
The customer must contribute all the necessary information, photos, videos to help solve the case.

Mandatory technical inspection for warranty

For safety, liability and product longevity, all iWheels will need a regular service. Under warranty time, mandatory service is free of charge, but have to be done at least twice a year, in order to remain a warranty. After warranty time is expired, annual service is recommended.