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2 Years Warranty

Our Optional Two Years Warranty includes:

Motor warranty: 

The motor is guaranteed for two years according to the date of leaving the factory. The motor is not covered by warranty as follows:

If wheel delivered with class IP55 protection, excessive driving in the rain causes the motor bearing to enter water, rust and produce abnormal sound.

2. The tire pressure has not been tested regularly, and the insufficient tire pressure leads to the deformation of the motor hub.

3. Frequent step-jumping results in deformation of motor hub or fracture of motor shaft.

Motherboard warranty:

Motherboard is guaranteed for two year according to the date of leaving the factory. The motherboard is not covered by warranty as follows:

1. If the unicycle is not waterproof by class IP66, riding or wading in rainy days causes the main board to burn out.

2. Privately changing the wiring mode of the motherboard leads to short circuit burning of the motherboard due to improper operation.

3. Overleaning, pushing the speed to the limit of a unicycle wrestling causes the motherboard to burn out.

4. Above 30 degrees of steep slope, improper operation led to burnout of the motherboard.

Battery warranty:

Battery is guaranteed for a year according to the date of factory discharge (only if it is not damaged artificially).

Batteries are not covered by warranty as follows:

1. Battery water intake, if not IP66 protected, extruded and deformed.

2. Use non-native chargers, or use high-power chargers.

3. Use non-native batteries.

4. Excessive low-voltage discharge, the refitting equipment using the battery of the original wheelbarrow leads to excessive discharge and no charge.

5. No original label on batteries, incomplete labels, unloading batteries without permission will void our warranty.

Electronic components warranty for 6 months, such as:

  1. SUB Charging Port: No Output
  2. Headlamp: Not on
  3. LED: not on or scrambled
  4. Switch: switch do not respond
  5. Charging Port: Charging Port Sag
  6. Fan: abnormal noise or not working
  7. Speaker: abnormal sound or not working

Other items not mentioned above are not covered by the warranty, unless the product is defective at delivery. During the warranty period, the factory is responsible for providing the repaired parts, but the freight will be charged by the dealer.

Please note that goods cannot be returned to China due to high freight and import taxes. We will help you to solve any product problems at your place.